When you first start your consulting business, you’ll quickly find yourself juggling roles. You’ll find you come across three central figures: the Finder, the Minder, and the Grinder. Each has a distinctive part to play in the successful execution of a consulting project. 

Yet, in the early stages of a consultant’s career or when launching an independent consulting practice, these roles often merge into one. This blog post explores these three roles, the crucial balance between them, and the challenges and rewards of wearing multiple hats in the consulting industry.

The Finder: Pioneering New Business Opportunities

In the realm of consulting, the Finder is the trailblazer, spotting and seizing new business opportunities. They are primarily responsible for business development, which involves seeking potential clients, understanding their needs, and securing their trust and business.

These individuals are often seasoned networkers, possessing an enviable range of industry contacts and the ability to articulate the value the consulting firm can provide. In the early stages of a consulting career or when setting up an independent consulting practice, the consultant often doubles as the Finder, generating new business and laying the groundwork for the firm’s future.

The Minder: Orchestrating Client Relations and Project Management

Once the Finder has established a client relationship, the baton is passed to the Minder. The Minder’s role is pivotal, acting as the bridge between the consulting firm and the client. They ensure the smooth operation of the project and the fulfillment of the client’s needs.

Excelling in project management and client communication, the Minder is tasked with understanding the client’s expectations, relaying them to the consulting team, and managing project timelines and deliverables. For independent consultants or those new to the field, the Minder role is an invaluable experience, enhancing their project management skills and fostering a deep understanding of client relationships.

The Grinder: Crafting Solutions and Delivering Results

The Grinder is the architect of the consulting project, responsible for the hands-on work of formulating and implementing the proposed solutions. Often early-career consultants, Grinders perform in-depth research, data analysis, and generate reports. Their role extends beyond mere execution; they are integral to shaping strategies and solutions that drive the success of a project.

New and independent consultants often find themselves in the Grinder role, getting their hands dirty to turn ideas into reality. This experience equips them with specialized knowledge and skills that form the foundation of a successful consulting career.

The Balancing Act: Navigating the Trio of Roles

In the world of consulting, these roles are not isolated silos but dynamic elements of a project’s ecosystem. Finders, Minders, and Grinders must work together to ensure the project’s success. Early-career or independent consultants often find themselves juggling these roles, developing a unique blend of skills and insights that enhances their value proposition in the industry.

Embracing the Challenge: The Triple Role Advantage

Starting a consulting career or setting up an independent consulting practice can be a challenging journey, often requiring individuals to embrace the roles of Finder, Minder, and Grinder simultaneously. But this multi-role responsibility offers unique advantages:

  • Finder Experience: Cultivating new business opportunities hones networking and negotiation skills, setting the stage for future growth.
  • Minder Exposure: Managing client relationships and project timelines fosters communication and management skills, strengthening long-term client relations.
  • Grinder Expertise: Doing hands-on work develops specialized knowledge and technical skills, directly contributing to the value delivered to the client.


Consulting is not just about solving problems; it’s about creating value through a blend of skills, collaboration, and sheer hard work. As consultants embark on their journey, taking on the roles of Finder, Minder, and Grinder not only provides a comprehensive understanding of the consulting process but also equips them with a diverse set of skills and experiences that are invaluable in their professional journey. The delicate dance between these roles defines the rhythm of the consulting profession and shapes the future of those brave enough to step onto this challenging yet rewarding stage.