Best Project Management Platform for Technology Consultants

What is BRP?

Our new Business Reporting Portal is an online, all in one, project management platform with accurate business reporting and accountability at its core. Our platform allows managers and teams to cohesively achieve project goals and keep track of all client data and expenses to make it one of the most robust platforms on the market


Create projects on the fly. Fill time sheets and expense reports on a daily basis. Invoice your clients the same day. Save time in your daily schedule.


Prevent revenue leakage. Project-based time sheets (filled daily and processed weekly) will provide for over 30% increase in revenue. Proven fact.


Monitor project profitability, analyze unbillable time, review employee performance. These and other tools will let you grow your business.

Our Clients

Managers.   Consultants.   Analysts.    Engineers.      Accountants.     Contractors.     Auditors.

The Business Reporting Portal will add value to any business where managers or project leads, even including lawyers, that want all business reporting in one easy to manage platform

We have been using SystemX Files app for over three years now. It works perfectly for us allowing to distribute company’s documents amongst employees. SystemX team has developed a custom PDF parser for us that analyze documents and split them in a predefined manner.

Lorne Henry, VP Business Development

Our IT department has been using SystemX for project management for over a year now. I like custom project status reports that SystemX team developed for us.


Glenn Mader, Director of IT

SystemX is at the core of our business. We use Projects, Expenses, TimeSheets and Files modules on a daily basis. It has increased our revenue by 32% in the first years, and it has been three years since we started using it.

Andrei Fomitchev, GM

SystemX Features


Create a project, define scope & milestones, assign priority & PM, add notes, and share with others. Project is a corner stone in SystemX.

Address Book

Manage contacts for your clients, and individuals. Assign contact types for each client. Include your suppliers, partners, subcontractors, and others.

Time Sheets

Track time spent on projects (billable and internal). Manager can review and approve Time Sheets. Export time report into accounting system.


Save files and documents in the cloud. Sync SystemX files with laptop. Assign multi-level permissions to files and folders.


Track personal expenses. Upload receipts. Record Cash Advance. Foreign exchange, and local taxes. Allocate to GL accounts. Paperless.


Data analysis & presentation. Pre-build & custom Reports. Scheduled execution and eMail delivery. Real-time & historical reports.

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SystemX Integrations

We are tightly integrated with other information systems.


Synchronization with Maximizer CRM (Live and On-Premise).
Maximizer Address Book entries synchronized with SystemX Client list.
Maximizer Opportunities converted into SystemX Projects.

Reports, Dashboards, BI

Standard and custom reports delivered by SAP Crystal Reports.
Dashboards and Business Intelligence delivered by Sisense Insights

Accounting / Finance

Create invoices in accounting system directly from SystemX Project, TimeSheet, Expense Report.
Intuit QuickBooks

Microsoft Windows, Outlook

Synchronize SystemX Files directly to Microsoft Windows PC.
Upload your Outlook Calendar Events into SystemX TimeSheet records.


Intuitive design, simplified workflow, and pleasant user experience. No additional user training is required.



We use fast and redundant servers located in our own private cloud. You will never need to worry about upgrades, or outages.


Your data is protected. Daily backups ensure no data is ever lost. All web and mobile sessions are secured using AES-256.

We invite you to speak to us directly

We take pride in what we have created and are passionate to yield the best Return on Investment (ROI) for you. Click the link below to connect to one of our two partners to walk you through all the options of the SystemX Business Reporting portal.

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We offer single user, and multiple user subscriptions depending on the scope of your team and or project. We are currently offering Developer Level Technical Service (DLTS) to all our new clients with a direct point of contact.