Simple, hassle-free tracking of receipts & expenses

Make it easier and faster for employees to manage receipts and expenses. End-to-end automation software reduces your staff's workload so they can focus on delivering excellent customer service and representing your business.

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Receipt Management

It shouldn’t be difficult to manage receipts. With features that allow you to automatically import receipts in bulk, SystemX ensures that no receipt goes untracked. The best part? Receipts are digitally stored in your SystemX account, so you never have to worry about losing paper copies.

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Automated tax

PCI compliant

Multi level approval workflow

Turn every project into a success story

Stay on track and meet your goals with clear, visual, and intuitive project status reports.

We have been using SystemX for over four years now. It works perfectly for us, allowing us to distribute payroll documents amongst employees.

The SystemX team has developed a custom PDF parser for us that analyzes documents and sort them in a predefined manner.

Great experience and definitely unique value add!

Lorne Henry
Lorne Henry
President, Comfact Corporation

Our IT department has been using SystemX for project management for over a year now.

I like custom project status reports that SystemX team developed for us.

I am comfortable recommending SystemX. Solid product.

Glenn Mader
Glenn Mader
Director of IT, Matcor-Matsu Group

SystemX is at the core of our business. We use CRM, Projects, Expenses, TimeSheets, Quotes, PO, HR, AP and Files modules on the daily basis.

It has increased our revenue by 32% in the first years. It has been four full years since we started using SystemX. Implementation took 15 days due to very professional SystemX team that took care of all our issues and concerns.

SystemX is a great fit for any IT consulting firm.

Andrei Fomitchev
Andrei Fomitchev
GM, Zita Associates

We signed up for SystemX as an integrated tool to our Maximizer CRM for the purpose of replacing an old quoting tool.
What we quickly experiences was a very response development and support team who was eager and knowledgeable to help customize SystemX to meet our vision.

As the project manager, I found the tool very easy to use, flexible to our needs and quick to learn.

Alex Cann, PMP
Alex Cann, PMP
Senior Project Manager, Maximizer CRM

Expense Management

SystemX makes managing expenses easier. Expenses can be itemized, split, added as per diem allowances, or consolidated under one expense type. Admins can customize expense creation forms to meet their organization’s requirements and choose which fields employees must complete.

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Expense in different currencies

Do you have employees who travel the world for business? SystemX enables them to add any expenses incurred in the local currency. The app then automatically converts them to your organization’s base currency.

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Reimburse Employees Automatically

Upon expense report by the manager SystemX will deposit funds to the employee bank account.

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Expense Report Approval

Depending on your company workflow systemX can accommodate multiple department managers, as well as multiple approvals.

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One Software To Do It All

Fast & Efficient

Up to 80% faster than physical contracts



Fully encrypted and meets strongest data security requirements

Easy to Use

So intuitive your grandma could figure it out

Flexible Routing

Streamline your internal processes by routing documents in serial, parallel or mixed sequences.

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