Easy to use and packed with multitude of Features.
Project Management
Create a project, define the scope & milestones, assign priority & PMs, add notes, and share all the important details with others. This is a cornerstone of SystemX.
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Track time spent on projects (billable and internal) which managers can then review and approve. You can even export timesheets into your accounting system.
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Track personal expenses and upload receipts in just a few clicks. You can also record cash advances, manage foreign exchange rates and local taxes. Allocate everything to GL accounts with a completely paperless process.
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Issue quotes in minutes and send them to clients for electronic approval and signing. Use our built-in Product Catalog that is manageable from the admin section. SystemX supports multiple currencies and international taxation.
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Generate invoices from timesheets, expense reports, quotes, and customer orders. You can send them to clients over e-mail and get paid using a credit card payment gateway.
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Document Signing
Sign documents like purchase orders and expense reports directly on the platform.
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Additional features supported by SystemX

Address book
Manage contacts for your clients and individuals. Assign contact types for each client. Include your suppliers, partners, subcontractors, and others.
File Management
Save files and documents in the cloud. You can also sync SystemX files with your laptop and assign multi-level permissions to files and folders.
Dig deeper into the details with data analysis & presentation capabilities. You can also pre-build & customize reports, then schedule execution and e-mail delivery.
Organize flow charts between project teams or across functional team members as assigned by the project manager.
Get notifications in your email and on the platform dashboard when project milestones are achieved, as well as for new tasks created, expenses added, and approved.
Book your future work and meetings in Outlook and assign bookings to clients and projects. Convert calendar events into billable records.
Customer Orders
All signed quotes become orders, and manual order creation is allowed. This module can be integrated into your eCommerce portal to streamline order creation and fulfillment.
Purchase Orders
Make sure to track and approve all expenditures. This module lets you track purchasing costs against projects, which then allows you to charge back to clients accordingly.
Dashboard Insights
See your business performance through a set of predefined, industry-standard widgets. Design your own custom widgets to reflect your unique KPIs. Then leverage Al to see trends and predict outcomes.

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