Managing finances is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. Ensuring that clients pay their invoices on time is necessary for maintaining a healthy cash flow. However, reminding clients to pay can be challenging and uncomfortable for some business owners. This article will provide you with seven professional tips and examples to help you get your invoices paid on time while maintaining strong business relationships.

7 Tips to Remind Clients To Pay

Tip 1: Set clear payment terms and expectations

Establishing clear payment terms upfront is essential to avoid misunderstandings or delays in payment. Make sure your clients know when their payment is due, any applicable late fees, and the preferred payment method. Include these terms in your contract or written agreement and discuss them with your client before starting any work.


Payment terms: Net 30 days from the invoice date. A 1.5% late fee will be applied to all overdue invoices. Preferred payment methods: Bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal

Tip 2: Send polite payment reminders

If a client hasn’t paid by the due date, it’s important to send a friendly reminder. Keep the tone of your email polite and professional. Give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they may have simply forgotten.

Copy Paste Template:

Dear [Client’s Name], I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to remind you that the payment for Invoice #12345, which was due on [due date], is still outstanding. Please let me know if there’s an issue or if you need any additional information to process the payment. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Best regards, [Your Name]

Tip 3: Offer multiple payment options

Offering various payment options makes it easier for clients to settle their invoices. Consider providing options such as bank transfers, credit card payments, PayPal, or other online payment services.

Copy Paste Template:

We accept the following payment methods: Bank transfer (account details provided below), credit card (please call us to process the payment), or PayPal (send payment to example@systemx.com)

Tip 4: Automate your invoicing and reminders

Using invoicing software can save you time and help you maintain professionalism when dealing with overdue payments. Many platforms offer automated reminders, customizable templates, and online payment processing.

Software like SystemX, makes it easy to quickly send professional invoices, as well as reminders. Click here to learn more about SystemX invoicing features as well as receiving payment features. 


Using SystemX invoicing software, you can set up automated reminders to be sent to clients at specific intervals (e.g., 7 days before the due date, on the due date, and 7 days after the due date) to ensure timely payments.

Tip 5: Offer incentives for early payment

Encouraging clients to pay early can help improve your cash flow. Consider offering a small discount for payments made within a certain time frame or before the due date.


Get a 2% discount on your invoice if you pay within ten days of the invoice date! Pay only $980 instead of $1,000 for Invoice #12345.

Tip 6: Maintain open communication with clients

Regular communication helps build trust and rapport with your clients. If you notice a pattern of late payments, address the issue professionally and work together to find a solution.

Copy Paste Template:

Hi [Client’s Name], I’ve noticed that the past few invoices have been paid later than the agreed-upon terms. Is there a reason for the delay? If you’re experiencing any difficulties, please let me know so we can discuss possible solutions.

Tip 7: Consider payment plans for long-term clients

For long-term or high-value clients, offering a payment plan can be a helpful solution to ensure timely payments. Work with your client to structure a reasonable and manageable payment plan that meets both your needs.

Copy Paste Template:

Dear [Client’s Name], I understand that the current invoice amount may be challenging to pay in one installment. To accommodate your situation, I propose a payment plan where you can make three equal monthly payments of $1,000 each. Please let me know if this arrangement works for you, or if you have any other suggestions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, maintaining professionalism and fostering strong business relationships are key when reminding clients to pay their invoices. Implementing these seven tips – setting clear payment terms, sending polite reminders, offering multiple payment options, automating your invoicing process, providing incentives for early payment, maintaining open communication, and considering payment plans – will not only improve your invoice payment outcomes but also contribute to the overall success of your business. Embrace these strategies and watch your cash flow and client relationships flourish.

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