Your quoting process is a critical juncture where deals are won and lost. Pricing errors, inconsistencies, and taking too long to send out quotes can give your competitors a significant advantage. 

That’s where quoting software comes in. Quoting software empowers you to provide swift, professional, and accurate quotes that help you drive sales. 

However, choosing the right quoting software can feel overwhelming and most businesses don’t even know where to start.

In this guide we’ll help you understand the nuanced differences between Quotewerks and SystemX, so you can select the software that best fits the needs of your business. 

What is Quotewerks

Quotewerks is a software solution designed to streamline and improve your sales quoting process. It allows you to create professional-looking quotes and proposals with powerful features and integrations. By automating tasks and integrating with CRM and accounting systems, Quotewerks helps reduce errors, improve efficiency and ultimately close more deals. 


What is SystemX

Unlike Quotewerks, SystemX is an all-in-one business management platform. On-top of being a comprehensive quoting and procurement software that allows you to swiftly create professional quotes, SystemX offers features like invoicing, timesheets, project management and more. This software helps streamline all your administrative business processes. 

Quoting Features

While SystemX and QuoteWerks share core functionalities essential for modern quoting processes, subtle distinctions exist within their feature sets. Refer to the table below to understand the nuanced differences between these two software solutions.

Feature SystemX QuoteWerks
Product Catalog
Quote and Proposal Generation
Quote Labor
Quote Subscription
Online Payments
Electronic Signatures
Sales Tax Rates
Timesheet to Quote
Know When Quotes Viewed
Address Verification
Consumer Price Compare
CRM Integration
Accounting Integration
Kits and Bundles

Ease of Use

SystemX understands that your time is precious. That’s why our quoting process emphasizes speed and simplicity.  With our intuitive interface, you’ll have beautifully formatted quotes ready for clients in mere minutes. We focus on the essential features needed for effective quoting, letting you avoid unnecessary complexity. SystemX’s guided approach makes it easy to crank out a professional and detailed quote in under 5 minutes.

QuoteWerks is a robust software solution known for its wide range of features and capabilities. While this depth can be powerful for businesses with highly intricate quoting needs, the majority of companies never and will never require those kinds of features in their quoting. These features and intricacies lead to software that can feel overwhelming at the onset, and may require a steep learning curve to fully understand. 


SystemX understands that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer a flexible approach to our suite of solutions. While our timesheet, quoting, and invoicing modules create a powerful administrative ecosystem, we believe you should only pay for the tools you’ll truly use.

Our a-la-carte pricing empowers you to start with our robust quoting module at just $15/month per user. This competitive price point aligns with QuoteWerks’ entry-level plan, yet SystemX gives you more. Features like electronic signatures, CRM integration, and accounting connections are all included – essentials that may come at an extra cost with Quotewerks

Support Quality

Both QuoteWerks and SystemX offer support, but differ in approach. QuoteWerks provides excellent support with 45 minutes of free onboarding and a  $1/minute charge for additional help. SystemX includes a generous 3 hours of free support followed by hourly charges.

The Key Differentiator: All-in-One Functionality

SystemX is designed as the ultimate business hub. It seamlessly integrates all the tools you need to manage your entire quote-to-cash process within a single platform.

SystemX in Action: A Streamlined Workflow

  1. Create a quote.
  2. Obtain client e-signature (built into SystemX).
  3. Establish a project within the integrated project management system.
  4. Track work hours using timesheets.
  5. Effortlessly convert the quote into an invoice, adding expenses and timesheet data.
  6. Send the invoice and receive payment via available payment integrations.

QuoteWerks, by contrast, requires multiple software solutions to achieve the same results. This leads to a less efficient, disjointed workflow.

SystemX: Power Meets Simplicity

While QuoteWerks boasts some advanced features, most small and medium-sized businesses won’t find them essential. SystemX delivers a robust quoting system alongside essential business tools, all without sacrificing a user-friendly experience.

Making the Right Choice

Both QuoteWerks and SystemX provide the core tools necessary to streamline your quoting process. However, their differences become clear when you look at the bigger picture:

  • QuoteWerks: Excels in businesses requiring very specialized quoting features (like complex product configurations or consumer-facing price comparisons). It may necessitate additional software for a complete business workflow.
  • SystemX: Offers a powerful quoting system fully integrated into a suite of administrative tools. It’s ideal for businesses looking to manage their entire sales process from start to finish with one platform

The Key Question

Ask yourself: Do I simply need better quotes, or a more efficient overall business operation?

If your needs extend beyond quoting, SystemX’s all-in-one approach provides exceptional value with its competitive pricing, integrated feature set, and streamlined workflow.

Ready to Try SystemX?

We believe the best way to discover the power of SystemX is hands-on experience. Explore our platform and see how it can transform your business processes, schedule a demo today and see how we can help your business