For many project managers,
managing remote employees for the first time can be an overwhelming prospect. Many
challenges have increased this year due to the need for managers and consultants
to create new processes and ways to manage projects during the pandemic
lockdowns and subsequent remote work. One of the most challenging things
currently with time management in projects is the attempt to manage all of them

The onus of
creating an environment where employees are productive, engaged, and thriving
rests on business leaders

the right project time tracking solution, you can give your employees
the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime,
while accurately tracking attendance, project time, costs, and progress.
Features, such as a mobile app, can empower your
remote workforce with the ability to check schedules, manage project time,
request time-offs, submit expenses, and get real-time notifications on project
status — wherever they are. You can then leverage accurate, real-time data to
make proactive decisions and streamline processes for improving employee
productivity and morale.

Organizing teams and tasks has become a real roller coaster with the outbreak of the pandemic. Nearly every challenge a team faces in regard to project management stem from a lack of organization.

The SystemX “Business Management Platform” (BMP), can alleviate these issues with real-time notifications, reminders before important deadlines, and integrations with the software we already know and depend on. These operational efficiencies minimize project creep and allows higher levels of productivity and accountability between cross functional teams in any organization.

According to a PMI survey, one
in three projects fails because of ineffective communication. Using emails,
spreadsheets, or point solutions to track and share important information can
prove to be inefficient. For instance, when a client asks to push a deadline
forward through email, it has to be manually updated to a board or a sheet to
which every team member has access. If not, it will create unnecessary

Adequate communication in project management is greatly
important for a successful project. You need to have up-to-date and transparent
methods of communication. Project managers often rely on several collaborative
and project management software programs available in the business to ensure
that everyone stays updated. These collaborative tools not only make it more
comfortable for managers to carry on their responsibilities but also ensure
greater clarity in projects and accountability within the team.”

a complete project time tracking software solution can simplify
the number of tools needed and aid in easier communication. A unified platform
can consolidate all project-related information in one location and serve as a
single source of truth for your CRM, ERP, project management, HR, payroll,
accounting, and any other systems. Your teams can then generate real-time
insights on multiple moving parts such as budgets, timelines, resources, and
targets to share with relevant stakeholders at regular intervals and keep them
aware of time spent, deadlines, and overall progress.