Zita Associates, a leading consulting company providing IT support and help desk services, implemented SystemX in 2018 to help manage its business operations more efficiently. Leveraging SystemX’s comprehensive features, from time management to project coordination, Zita Associates dramatically improved accountability, increased billable hours, and streamlined their business processes.

Timesheets: Boosting Billability and Accountability

Before SystemX, time management was a significant challenge for Zita Associates. After implementing SystemX’s timesheet feature, several significant improvements were observed:

  • Accountability: With SystemX, Zita Associates’ team members could accurately track and be accountable for their time usage.
  • Increased Billable Hours: There was a 30% increase in billable hours within the first three months of using SystemX, significantly enhancing the company’s profitability.
  • Visibility: SystemX offered clear visibility into house time (non-billable hours), allowing for better time management.
  • Client Transparency: The ability to track complimentary hours and present them to the client builds trust and transparency in the client-consultant relationship.

Projects: Enhancing Collaboration

Through SystemX, Zita Associates took their project management capabilities to the next level:

  • Task Commitment Tracking: SystemX enabled Zita Associates to diligently track commitments made to clients, irrespective of the size of the task, thereby ensuring no project detail was overlooked.
  • Team Creation and Management: The platform’s feature to create project teams and assign specific projects to associates fostered better collaboration and efficient task division.
  • Document Organization: SystemX’s feature of storing project-related files, including documents, code, and other relevant materials, significantly improved project organization.
  • Project Management: SystemX allowed Zita Associates to easily manage projects by changing project managers, adjusting priorities, updating completion percentages, setting deadlines, creating project notes, and defining milestones.

Expenses: Streamlining Expense Management and Reimbursement

Zita Associates also greatly benefited from SystemX’s advanced expense tracking feature:

  • Reimbursable Expenses: SystemX provided an efficient system to account for reimbursable expenses and ensure timely payback to associates.
  • Client Expense Chargebacks: The platform facilitated easy chargeback of expenses to clients, simplifying financial management.
  • Approval Process: SystemX’s feature of multiple manager approval for expenses enhanced financial accountability and control.
  • GL Code Integration: The platform integrated seamlessly with the general ledger (GL) code, making out-of-country expenses and tax accounting more manageable.

Quoting: Enhancing Professionalism and Efficiency

SystemX’s quoting feature became a game-changer for Zita Associates, providing several benefits:

  • Professional Quotes: Zita Associates could produce professional-looking quotes within minutes, enhancing their business image and efficiency.
  • Product Catalog Integration: SystemX enabled the use of product catalog items for automated quoting, saving significant time and resources.
  • Customized Discounting: The platform allowed item and quote level discounting, offering flexibility in pricing.
  • Electronic Approval: With SystemX’s electronic quote approval feature via email, including electronic signatures, the quote approval process became faster and more efficient.


SystemX has proven to be an invaluable tool for Zita Associates, boosting the company’s efficiency, accountability, and profitability. From increased billable hours to streamlined project management and enhanced professional quoting, SystemX has transformed the way Zita Associates manages its business. With SystemX, Zita Associates has found a robust and comprehensive platform that fits perfectly with its needs, enabling it to provide the best possible services to its clients.