About Comfact

comfact, a leading staffing agency specialized in supplying workers for the oil and construction sectors, found itself at a critical juncture. The agency was grappling with a cumbersome, paper-based accounting system and a dynamically changing workforce, which was a drain on both financial and human resources. These challenges were compounded by the existing infrastructure comprising a Maximizer CRM system and Sage Accounting software, which although robust, required a seamless integration to achieve optimal productivity.


One of the most pressing concerns for comfact was the inefficiency of its pay-based accounting data dissemination system, which was heavily reliant on paper. Not only was this cumbersome, but it also led to wasted hours that could otherwise have been spent more productively. Furthermore, the staffing requirements in the oil and construction fields are particularly volatile, requiring a flexible system that can accommodate rapid changes in the workforce. comfact needed a system that could offer this flexibility while also integrating seamlessly with their existing Maximizer CRM and Sage Accounting systems.

The Need for SystemX

Enter SystemX—an all-in-one business management platform tailor-made for consultants. With its streamlined backend, accurate time tracking, and real-time analytics, SystemX presented itself as a natural fit for comfact’s needs. The need for SystemX was twofold: not only would it solve the existing issues with data management and payroll, but its capabilities in project and expense management would also serve comfact well for future endeavors.

Solution Implementation

Once onboarded, SystemX was integrated with Maximizer CRM to handle comfact’s dynamically changing workforce. The integration allowed the platform to control access based on various data points such as Employee ID and employment terms. In addition, SystemX’s compatibility with Sage Accounting software made it possible to fully automate the weekly pay stubs and annual T4 statements, making these documents easily accessible under each user’s file module. comfact further customized its user experience by implementing a unique login page based on Employee ID rather than email addresses and utilized a specialized PDF parsing module to further automate its payroll process.

Results and Impact

The implementation of SystemX had an immediate and profound impact on comfact’s business operations. Financially, the cost of generating weekly pay stubs dropped significantly, resulting in a 70% cost saving. Moreover, the entire backend operation was now fully automated, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks. The ease of administration could not be overstated, as it allowed comfact to pivot its attention to furthering its core business objectives rather than getting bogged down with administrative minutiae.


SystemX didn’t just solve comfact’s immediate challenges—it equipped them for a more agile and data-driven future. The synergy between comfact’s specialized staffing needs and SystemX’s robust capabilities created a partnership that extended beyond mere transactional engagements; it laid the foundation for a strategic, long-term relationship, enhancing both efficiency and profitability. In the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of oil and construction staffing, SystemX proved itself as not just a platform, but a game-changing ally for comfact.