Commit100, a Toronto-based IT systems engineering firm, experienced a significant shift in their operations when they decided to adopt SystemX, a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline the management of various aspects of consultancy businesses. This case study will explore how SystemX played a crucial role in improving Commit100’s project management, time tracking, quoting, and expense reporting processes.

The Challenge

Before the adoption of SystemX, Commit100 faced several challenges in maintaining efficient and organized operations. They found it increasingly difficult to track ongoing projects, maintain accurate billable hours, provide transparent and rapid quotes to potential clients, and accurately document expenses for both internal and tax purposes.

The SystemX Solution

SystemX offered a holistic solution to address the array of challenges faced by Commit100. With an array of features like digital timesheets, project management, electronic signatures, integrated file management with OneDrive, and more, it became the cornerstone of Commit100’s operational revamp.

How SystemX Helped

Project Management

SystemX’s project management feature allowed Commit100 to systematize their tracking of ongoing projects. The integrated file management system also ensured IT architecture files were appropriately cataloged for specific clients, reducing confusion and enhancing accessibility. This led to a streamlined workflow, with team members able to easily locate and use pertinent files, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Time Tracking

Digital timesheets became the standard for Commit100, providing an effective means of tracking billable hours and preventing scope creep. As team members logged their time spent on each project, management could more accurately gauge project progression and resource allocation, leading to more effective project planning and execution.


With SystemX, quoting clients became a swift and transparent process. The automated quote generation feature enabled Commit100 to win contracts more quickly by minimizing the turnaround time. Moreover, the system’s transparency fostered trust and enhanced client relations.

Expense Reporting

One of the game-changing features for Commit100 was SystemX’s robust expense reporting system. It provided a systematic approach to documenting all receipts, taxes, and expenses related to projects. This ensured accurate billing, facilitated audit processes, and assisted with tax compliance.


Commit100’s decision to utilize SystemX proved transformative. The challenges the firm once faced in project management, time tracking, quoting, and expense reporting were effectively addressed, resulting in optimized workflows, improved client relations, and increased operational efficiency. The case of Commit100 stands as a testament to SystemX’s potential in revolutionizing the operations of consulting companies.