About Opti-Tech Scientific Inc.

Since its inception in 1989, Opti-Tech Scientific Inc. has evolved from a microscope service and calibration company into a distinguished supplier of scientific equipment in Canada. The company is renowned for its expertise in Optical & Digital Microscopy and its commitment to top-notch solutions. Integral to their operation is the vital task of quoting their specialized services and products. This process underwent a significant upgrade when Opti-Tech incorporated SystemX into its operations.

The Challenge

Opti-Tech’s original quoting process was manual and time-consuming, with a propensity for errors. Such delays could affect customer relationships and potential sales, necessitating an efficient solution. Opti-Tech needed a tool that could expedite this process and also integrate seamlessly with their already in-use MaximizerCRM platform.

The Solution: Opti-Tech elected to employ SystemX, an innovative quoting tool that could enhance efficiency and accuracy in their quoting procedures. SystemX allows for rapid quote creation, error reduction, and effective tracking of quote progression. Crucially, SystemX’s integration with Opti-Tech’s MaximizerCRM platform created a unified sales operation environment that further boosted efficiency.

The Implementation

The transition to SystemX was implemented smoothly. Comprehensive training was provided by the SystemX team, ensuring that Opti-Tech’s sales and service representatives could confidently navigate the new quoting features. The MaximizerCRM integration was a success, leading to a flawless data migration process with zero disruption to existing workflows.

The Results

Post-implementation, Opti-Tech has seen noteworthy enhancements in their quoting process. SystemX has cut quote generation and dispatch times by over half due to its streamlined procedures. The automatic data synchronization with MaximizerCRM ensures data consistency and enables the sales team to efficiently monitor and manage their quotes.

In addition, quoting errors have been significantly reduced, leading to a boost in customer trust and satisfaction. The ability to promptly generate precise quotes has invigorated the sales team, resulting in increased productivity and morale.


The successful incorporation of SystemX and its effective integration with MaximizerCRM has revolutionized Opti-Tech’s quoting process. The fusion of these two platforms has resulted in a streamlined, frictionless quoting process that aligns with Opti-Tech’s dedication to utilizing leading-edge technology and providing uncompromising support. This case highlights how the combination of powerful digital tools can dramatically improve a critical business function, yielding remarkable benefits for the company and its clientele.