Vizibill, a specialized billing consulting firm, offers unique solutions for subscription-based companies looking to automate their billing processes. With a reputation for excellence in a niche market, Vizibill needed to innovate and optimize its operations in key areas like project management, AP management, expense management, and employee vacation planning. Partnering with SystemX, Vizibill embarked on a transformative journey.

Project Management

SystemX’s comprehensive project management capabilities enabled Vizibill to revolutionize its approach to client onboarding, feature development, and in-house projects. New clients were integrated with ease, reducing delays, and enhancing communication throughout the entire onboarding process. The development of new features became a harmonious collaboration between teams, fostering innovation and timely delivery. Through the strategic use of SystemX’s project management tools, Vizibill’s projects were executed seamlessly, setting new standards for efficiency within the firm.

  • Client Onboarding: The platform’s comprehensive project management capabilities ensured efficient client integration, minimizing delays and streamlining communication.
  • New Features Development: Collaborative tools enhanced the coordination between teams, fostering innovation and timely deployment of new features.

AP Management

With SystemX, Vizibill addressed the critical need for accurate reconciliation of all credit card purchases. The AP management feature provided an automated reconciliation process, adding a layer of transparency and accuracy to financial transactions. This robust system allowed Vizibill to keep an exact record of all transactions, minimizing discrepancies, and instilling trust in their financial practices.

  • Automated Reconciliation: Through systematic reconciliation processes, the firm was able to keep an accurate record of financial transactions, preventing discrepancies.

Expense Management

Managing expenses in a manner that supports both control and profitability is crucial in any consulting business. SystemX’s Expense Tracking helped Vizibill to keep a real-time watch on employee expenses, preventing budget overruns and supporting strategic decisions. This real-time management enabled Vizibill to maintain a balanced approach to cost control, ensuring that no expenses were overlooked and that projects remained profitable.

  • Real-time Tracking: Employees’ expenses were managed and analyzed in real-time, preventing budget overruns and facilitating strategic decisions.

Vacation Management

Vizibill recognized the importance of employee well-being and its impact on customer engagement. With SystemX’s assistance, they scheduled and organized employee vacations, avoiding overlaps that might interrupt customer relations. The system’s ability to align employee vacations with business requirements demonstrated a commitment to staff welfare without compromising the company’s obligations to its clients.

  • Streamlined Scheduling: By leveraging SystemX, Vizibill was able to align employee vacations without overlapping, preserving uninterrupted customer engagement.


Vizibill’s collaboration with SystemX resulted in a dynamic transformation across critical areas of operation. From client onboarding to employee vacation planning, SystemX’s integrated tools provided the precision and flexibility Vizibill needed to excel. The success story of Vizibill reflects the value and efficiency that SystemX’s unified platform brings to consulting firms, offering customized solutions that resonate with the unique challenges and needs of the industry.