SecureLinks, a leading cybersecurity consulting company, has always prided itself on delivering top-quality services to high-profile clients such as Lush Cosmetics and the City of Burlington. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, SecureLinks saw a golden opportunity to optimize its back-end operations. This led to the adoption of SystemX, a business management platform specifically designed for consultants. The results were transformative.


SecureLinks began its adoption of SystemX with a focus on four critical areas of business operations: timesheets, project management, purchase orders, and quoting.


By implementing SystemX, SecureLinks gained a much-needed boost in managing billable hours. The ability to log and categorize work hours with ease led to an overall increase in billable hours, augmenting revenue streams.

Moreover, visibility into ‘house time’ or non-billable hours improved significantly, providing SecureLinks with actionable insights into productivity and efficiency. This transparency helped in identifying areas for improvement and fostering accountability within the team.

SystemX’s timesheet feature also enabled SecureLinks to accurately track complimentary hours extended to clients. This not only showcased the value they added beyond contractual obligations but also fostered stronger client relationships by demonstrating commitment and flexibility.

Project Management

The project management features of SystemX proved invaluable to SecureLinks. The platform offered a centralized space for associates to collaborate on projects, thus streamlining communication and facilitating the exchange of ideas.

The ability to dynamically manage projects, change project managers, adjust priorities, track completion percentages, set deadlines, maintain project notes, and define milestones ensured an organized workflow and adherence to timelines. Furthermore, it allowed SecureLinks to document and track all commitments made to clients, ensuring nothing fell through the cracks, thereby enhancing client trust.

Creating project teams became easier as well, as SystemX provided the means to assign associates to specific projects efficiently. This fostered a sense of ownership and responsibility among team members, ultimately driving project success.

Purchase Orders

SystemX revolutionized the way SecureLinks handled its IT procurement. Clear documentation of IT equipment and services purchases, along with accurate tracking of related expenses, led to improved budget control and financial planning.

The detailed records served as robust legal protection in the event of disputes with vendors or clients, providing a solid foundation for resolving issues. Additionally, vendor management improved with streamlined communication, leading to better negotiation and relationship building.

SystemX also streamlined inventory management of IT assets, keeping track of the current stock and the need for new procurement, ensuring continuity in operations.


Lastly, the quoting process saw significant improvement. SystemX allowed SecureLinks to provide clear, detailed information about the products or services being quoted. Accurate pricing and itemized cost breakdowns offered clients a comprehensive view of the services they would receive, contributing to transparency and trust.

SystemX also served as legal protection, providing evidence of agreed-upon terms and conditions. The improved budget control resulting from the ability to compare quotes from different vendors was an added advantage.

Streamlining the decision-making process became feasible as all quotes were organized and readily available, reducing the time to finalize contracts.


In summary, SecureLinks’ decision to utilize SystemX’s business management platform transformed its operational processes. The improvements in timesheet management, project collaboration, procurement, and quoting led to increased efficiency, enhanced client satisfaction, and ultimately, a more robust bottom line. SystemX has positioned SecureLinks to continue delivering high-quality cybersecurity solutions while ensuring a smooth and efficient internal workflow.