About PEO-Mississauga

The Mississauga Chapter is home to nearly 10,000 Professional Engineers and Engineering Interns (EITs). As a vital arm of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the chapter serves as a regulatory body that licenses and sets the standards for professional engineers in Ontario. With a commitment to serving and protecting the public interest, PEO enforces compliance and disciplines members to maintain professional integrity. 

Operating as a volunteer-based local organization, the Mississauga Chapter orchestrates seminars, tours, networking events, and more for EITs and Professional Engineers (P. Eng.) in the area.

For more details on becoming an EIT, visit PEO’s website.

The Problem:

The Mississauga Chapter of PEO was encountering significant challenges in managing their expense reports. As a nonprofit organization relying heavily on volunteers, they were under pressure to reimburse expenses quickly, in an organized fashion, and in compliance with specific requirements. These requirements included a pre approved format for reports, a two-tier managerial approval process, and categorization of expenses into specific segments. The manual handling of these tasks led to inefficiencies, delays, and the risk of errors.


To streamline their expense management, PEO-Mississauga turned to SystemX, recognizing its versatile capabilities and alignment with their specific needs.

  • Customized Reporting: SystemX designed a custom report style, tailored to the pre approved format required by PEO.
  • Two-Tier Approval Process: SystemX custom approval features allowed for all expense reports to be submitted and approved by admins
  • Electronic Signing: Integration with electronic signing expedited approval, agreement processes, and reimbursements.
  • Flexible Reimbursement Options: Through the SystemX app, volunteers could be reimbursed by cheque or Direct Deposit (DD), allowing for quicker transactions.
  • Expense Categorization: Expenses were organized into key categories, thereby simplifying bookkeeping and providing clear visibility into spending.
  • Mobile and Web Application Accessibility: Expenses could be submitted via cell or web app, further promoting efficiency and user convenience.


By implementing SystemX, PEO-Mississauga achieved:

  • Reduced Processing Time: The custom reporting and electronic signing greatly reduced the time needed to process reimbursements.
  • Enhanced Compliance: The two-tier approval process ensured that the specific requirements of the organization were met consistently.
  • Improved Organization: Categorizing expenses allowed for more transparent tracking and better alignment with budgeting and accounting practices.
  • Increased Volunteer Satisfaction: Faster and more accurate reimbursements contributed to higher satisfaction among volunteers, enhancing their engagement with the organization.


PEO-Mississauga’s collaboration with SystemX stands as a model of how a unified business management platform can profoundly transform a nonprofit’s operational efficiency. The tailored solutions provided by SystemX not only resolved the problems faced by the organization but also brought about a higher level of accuracy, compliance, and satisfaction.