For over four decades, RG Speed Control Devices has been a linchpin in the Canadian factory automation sector. With a vast portfolio encompassing everything from motion control devices and motors to professional custom engineering services, RG Speed faced challenges in accurately and efficiently quoting its complex offerings. The company’s existing quoting system was not as agile as their diversified services and products required. That’s when SystemX came into the picture.


  1. Integrate a custom discounting system tailored for RG Speed’s complex product and service offerings.
  2. Enable real-time downstream order processing for fulfillment.
  3. Efficiently manage a product catalog with 5000+ items.
  4. Offer highly customized quote presentations.
  5. Implement item-based discounting.
  6. Introduce optional items in the quotes that show up as $0 to facilitate upselling.

Solution & Implementation

Custom Discounting System

The days of one-size-fits-all are over. With SystemX, we implemented a custom discounting system that could easily adapt to the varied range of products and services offered by RG Speed. This allowed the sales team to apply discounts with precision and tact, thus aligning closely with business objectives.

Real-time Downstream Order Processing

Synchronizing the quote system with the downstream order processing for fulfillment can often be a bottleneck. However, SystemX seamlessly integrated the two, ensuring real-time updates and agile adjustments, something that’s indispensable for a dynamic entity like RG Speed.

Streamlined Product Catalog Management

With a mammoth product catalog of over 5000 items, efficiency was the name of the game. SystemX’s intuitive interface allowed for quick selection and integration of items into the quotes, reducing manual errors and saving invaluable time.

Highly Customized Quote Presentation

First impressions matter. The SystemX platform enabled RG Speed to generate polished, customized quote presentations that not only provided the essential details but also aligned with the brand’s distinctiveness, thereby enhancing its market reputation.

Item-based Discounting

This feature allowed RG Speed to offer targeted discounts on specific items within a quote. Instead of flat-rate discounts, they could now offer nuanced discounts that better matched client needs and expectations.

Optional Items Feature

A clever way to upsell, SystemX allowed the inclusion of optional items listed as $0. This tactic invoked customer curiosity and offered a value-add without appearing overly salesy.


  1. Efficiency: Reduced quote preparation time by 40%.
  2. Revenue Growth: Achieved a 25% increase in conversion rates.
  3. Real-time Decision Making: Enabled through accurate and real-time analytics.


SystemX proved to be the game-changer for RG Speed Control Devices, addressing its multifaceted quoting challenges with aplomb. By offering bespoke solutions that were deeply integrated with RG Speed’s operational nuances, SystemX not only streamlined the quoting process but also drove tangible business results. This collaboration stands as a testament to how technology, when aligned closely with business objectives, can create a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.