BALANCED+, based in Toronto, is a rapidly growing IT consulting firm. Over the past six years, they have increased their revenue sixfold and expanded their team to over 35 consultants. This impressive growth is largely attributed to their strategic use of SystemX from their inception.


The challenges of managing a rapidly growing consulting firm are manifold. BALANCED+ needed a robust system to manage time tracking, expense reporting, HR processes, time off, and project management effectively.

SystemX Implementation

Time Tracking

SystemX’s time tracking tool provided BALANCED+ with precise and transparent recording of billable hours. This feature was crucial in maximizing revenue and improving project profitability.

Expense Reporting

With consultants working on various projects, expense management was streamlined through SystemX. The platform enabled accurate tracking and efficient reimbursement processes, ensuring financial clarity and reducing errors.

HR and Time Off Management

As the team expanded, managing HR processes and time off became increasingly complex. SystemX’s integrated HR tools helped BALANCED+ manage these aspects seamlessly, contributing to better staff management and satisfaction.

Project Management

SystemX’s project management tools empowered BALANCED+ to handle multiple projects efficiently. Features like task tracking, document organization, and team management facilitated better collaboration and project delivery.


The integration of SystemX was transformative for BALANCED+. The platform’s comprehensive capabilities enabled them to scale operations efficiently, manage a growing team, and maintain high service standards. SystemX was not just a tool but a partner in their growth, supporting them in every phase of their expansion.


BALANCED+’s journey with SystemX highlights the platform’s capability to support and drive growth in the dynamic environment of IT consulting. The firm’s success story stands as a testament to the effectiveness of SystemX in managing and scaling a consulting business.